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At Shack Accounting, we pride ourselves on being your full-service back-office partner, offering not only high value but also an exceptional service. Our approach involves leveraging cutting-edge technology to seamlessly integrate your specific business needs across various departments, providing a unique service that spans multiple business and organizational functions.

What sets us apart is our team's expertise derived from actual business ownership, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring full-time employees. With Shack Accounting, you gain access to professionals who have encountered and successfully navigated the challenges you face daily, allowing you to focus on what you do best. We believe in delivering value that propels your business to the next level of growth without the accompanying headaches.

Our commitment to transparent processes and communication ensures that working with us feels like an extension of your own business.

Meet Ryan Shackelford

Certified Public Accountant & Owner

Ryan Shackelford is a qualified CPA with over a decade of private business experience spanning various industries. With hands-on business management expertise, Ryan has successfully led financial and operational teams as the CFO Operator of multiple small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) and as the Owner Operator of SMBs that have thrived, exceeding seven figures in annual growth. His extensive background includes navigating the complexities of manufacturing businesses, handling inventory, raw materials, and advanced revenue recognition processes.

Ryan's proficiency extends to the healthcare sector, where he managed businesses with annual sales surpassing $65 million, showcasing a deep understanding of Revenue Cycle Management, insurance billing, and collections. Motivated by a passion for assisting fellow business owners, Ryan founded Shack Accounting to simplify internal processes and delegate non-competencies to his dedicated back-office team.

He is committed to leveraging technology to transform operational processes into financial metrics, fostering growth with confidence. Providing practical tax guidance that aligns with business growth needs while identifying potential savings, Ryan brings detailed experience in running administrative back-office teams, encompassing payroll, software integration, and accounting/financial reporting. His involvement in specialty tax considerations, such as R&D and ERTC Credits, addresses common headaches for small businesses. Furthermore, Ryan has directly engaged with the IRS to navigate and successfully interpret guidance on specialty tax issues. With a proven track record, Ryan Shackelford stands as a trusted advisor dedicated to helping businesses thrive.

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