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Accounting Solutions

Embrace the future with our cutting-edge accounting solutions, offering a comprehensive,
all-in-one response to meet your diverse accounting needs.

Expense Management & Bill Pay

Let us manage your daily reports, receipts, tracking and categorization.

Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

Do what you do best, quote your work and hand the rest off to our team.

Accounting & Reporting

We can handle every transaction in your business: All-in-one accounting.

CFO Services

Let our Certified Public Accounts answer your questions and ease your mind.


We've got you covered with everything from on-boarding to payroll.

Financial Software Tech Stack Integration

Step Into the future with tech-advanced accounting solutions.

Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC)

Get your Employee Retention Tax Credit reviewed by a CPA.

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IRS Support, Audit and Document Requests

Guidance to successfully navigate an IRS audit.

Bookkeeping Icon Expense Management & Bill Pay

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Capabilities Overview

  • Expense Transactions & Business Encounters
  • Bill Entry & Timely Payment
  • Credit Card & Receipt Tracking
  • Purchase Orders, Inventory Receipts & Final Payments
  • Approval Routing & Bill Payment Approvals via Check, ACH, or Credit Card
  • Daily Management & Categorization
  • Real-Time Upcoming Cash-Flow Reports with Timely Data Entry
  • Save Time No need to train AP clerks just to keep your accounts current!

Invoicing List Icon Invoicing & Accounts Receivable

hands holding invoices and calculators

Capabilities Overview

  • Accurate Billing, Incoming & Outgoing Cash Record Keeping
  • Facilitate Timely PaymentsWe handle the invoicing process for your clients, ensuring you get paid promptly.
  • Prepare and Utilize Custom Pre-Built Invoicing Templates for Dispatching
  • Effortless Integration & Compatibility with Your Existing Accounting ProgramsSyncing with Any Previous Software.
  • Proactive Collections ManagementKeeping you updated while conducting outbound reach-outs.
  • Optimized Resource Allocation for Real-time Cash-flow and Data

Chart Icon Accounting & Reporting

zoomed in financial information graph

Capabilities Overview

  • Accurate & Timely Bookkeeping Entries with Real-time Month to Month Reporting
  • Tech-Savvy Experts Ensuring Optimal Efficiency and Functionality Across All Systems
  • Compatibility Across Platforms Including Industry Specific Invoicing Platforms or Inventory Management Systems
  • Tailored Reporting Solutions to Accommodate Your Specific Needs
  • Comprehensive Financial OversightIncluding reconciling, verifying accounts, and delivering a comprehensive reporting package encapsulating the financial health of your business

Professional CPA Icon CFO Services

woman and man looking over financial information together happy

Capabilities Overview

  • Gain Exclusive Access to Our Certified Public Accountants for Unparalleled Financial Expertise and Support
  • Over a Decade of Versatile Expertise with A Wealth of Experience Across Diverse Business Types
  • Real-World Solutions from Business Owners Bringing Firsthand Experience in Resolving the Day-To-Day Challenges
  • Strategic Planning and High-Level Forecasting
  • Profit Planning Expertise – Our team specializes in profit planning and acts as a liaison, ensuring seamless coordination with your Tax CPA to maximize annual cash flow for optimal financial outcomes.

Payment Icon HR/Payroll

tax withholding paperwork

Capabilities Overview

  • Seamless System Onboarding and Management – On all Platforms
  • Custom Gl Integration (Need ADP)
  • Employee Handbook – We can build, revise and ensure annual updates to keep your policies current and compliant
  • Personalized HR Policies & Procedures – Built Around Your Business
  • Employee Onboarding  Streamlining the Process for New Employees
  • Health Insurance & Benefits Management
  • 401k Plan Expertise & Setup
  • Offboarding & Termination Support – Including terminations write-ups and related procedures, ensuring a professional and compliant approach 

Software Icon Financial Software Tech Stack Integration

Man holding out hand with tech images in foreground

Capabilities Overview

  • Software System Evaluation from Tech-Advanced Accountants
  • Strategic Software Integration – Specific to your financial systems for sustained efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Custom Integrations Through API Connections Setup for Specific Use-Cases
  • Routine Management & Maintenance of Software Systems
  • Leveraging Cutting-Edge TechnologyExpertise in Identifying and Implementing Premier Tech Programs

Software Icon Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC)

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Capabilities Overview

  • Expert IRS Support in Navigating Complex Tax Matters – Addressing Queries, and Providing Clarifications on Regulatory Requirements
  • Thorough Review of Your Prior ERTC Application Submissions  Meticulously Examining All Details for Accuracy and Compliance
  • Custom Preparation of ERTC Audit Files – Tailored for IRS Scrutiny to Ensure Compliance

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