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Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERTC) Services

We offer a complete range of ERTC services, from filing verification to audit defense, ensuring compliance and minimizing the audit risks linked to your claim.

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Navigate ERTC Applications, Claims & Audits

Comprehensive ERTC Support: From Pre-Application Validation to Post-Application Audit Assistance. We are here to help you!

Verify ERTC Qualification

Get an ERTC review aimed at avoiding potential audit repercussions, interest charges, and penalties

IRS & Audit Support

For individuals who already submitted their ERTC application for the tax year.

Our Partners

Why Use Professional Accounting Services with your ERTC Claim?

Using CPAs for your ERTC claim ensures adherence to IRS regulations, meticulous attention to detail, and expert navigation of complex tax laws, maximizing your eligible credits and safeguarding your business from potential penalties.

Professional Integrity

Amidst the surge of fraudulent claims, the IRS reported a staggering 95% of filed claims as fraudulent. It's crucial to partner with professionals who uphold integrity and compliance at every step.

Review and Validation

We review your ERTC calculations and qualification criteria, ensuring accuracy and compliance. We can provide peace of mind, backed by comprehensive claim documentation for your files.

Avoid Fraudulent Schemes

Protect your business from deceptive practices with non-CPA, non-tax professionals promising unrealistic returns on ERTC claims. Partnering with us ensures integrity and compliance, steering clear of fraudulent schemes.

IRS Compliance Assurance

Stay compliant with IRS regulations to avoid penalties. Benefit from the IRS repayment program for improperly filed ERC claims, minimize risks associated with non-compliance, and maximize your eligible qualified credits.

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Need an ERTC filing audit?

Verify an ERTC Application with Confidence & Assurance!

We provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process, ensuring clarity at each step. Our QUALITY ASSURANCE GUARANTEE offers you of a full refund if the IRS disputes our assessment for any quarter.

Already Filed an ERTC Application?

If you have previously filed for the ERTC, whether this year or in previous years, allow us to conduct a thorough review of your qualification and verify the accuracy of your submissions.

Have Your ERTC Claims Reviewed if Any of the Following Apply to You

  • If you have already received funds and seek to assess the audit risk associated with each disbursed quarter. Learn How To Cancel Pending Claims on the IRS website.
  • If your pending claim requires a secondary review for legitimacy to mitigate potential audit risks before disbursement. Read 7 Warning Signs your ERC could be at risk of an Audit from the IRS website.
  • If you require assistance in addressing IRS inquiries related to your 941X filings or impending audit notifications.
  • If you seek confidence in your calculations and qualification criteria, with a review aimed at avoiding potential audit repercussions, interest charges, and penalties.
  • If you wish to obtain a backup file for qualification purposes, which your filer failed to furnish, as evidence of eligibility.
  • If your ERC filer relied on supply chain disruptions for qualification, a method the IRS restricts heavily, risking substantial penalties and interest if improperly documented or applied.
  • If your ERC filer overlooked specific state mandates and failed to research qualifying restrictions or include supporting documentation in your files.

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